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SPARK the IMAGINATION at The Ohio State University ElectroScience Lab

CoolTechGirls has partnered with the "Wearable and Implantable Technologies" research group at The Ohio State University to offer you this exciting program.

Event Overview:

Venue: ElectroScience Lab

Session : Saturday, April 6th (9:00 am - 12:00 pm)

Target Audience: Girls between 6th & 8th grades.

Ohio State's ElectroScience Lab is one of the largest laboratories in the world carrying out research in the area of wireless electronics. Within this Lab, Prof. Kiourti and her students are developing wireless sensors that can be embroidered on fabrics or implanted inside the body. Imagine clothes that monitor the way you move or tiny implants that can predict epileptic In this three-hour workshop, we are partnering with Prof. Kiourti's group to learn basic circuit design using playdough, conductive threads, fabrics, and more.

During the event, participants will learn:


Tour the ElectroScience Lab


Explore electronic circuits with playdough


Create their own light up stuffed toy

This event is free of charge but seating will be limited. Please CLICK HERE to register for the event.