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CoolTechGirls April Event Hosted By Cardinal Health

Event Details:

Venue: 4305 W. Dublin Granville Road, Dublin, OH 43017 in the in the Shoppes at River Ridge

Date: Wednesday, April 15th, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

  Registration Deadline: April 7th, 2015.
CTG April Event

Cardinal Health invites CoolTechGirls to Fuse our Commercial Software development innovation lab for an open house on Wednesday April 15 from
4 P.M. - 6 P.M. Products created by Fuse will help Cardinal Health customers manage the flow of inventory, navigate the complex health-care reimbursement system, and help pharmacists and physicians make better decisions and track patient data.

This open house will start with a tour of the Fuse facility highlighting the Fuse philosophy and building layout designed to get people to work together rather than go back to their cubes to try and solve the problems on their own. After our tour we will have several stations set up so that CoolTechGirls can learn more about Fuse and the solutions being developed there. Stations set up for this open house are:

VitalPath™ is an Integrated Dispensing Solution designed to help community oncology practices: Many specialty medications used to treat various forms of cancer must be administered through a needle or catheter, often in community oncology offices. Given that specialty oncology medications can cost thousands of dollars per dose —it's critical that oncology practices effectively manage their medication inventories and accurately bill for medications they administer to patients. Cardinal Health Specialty Solutions' new VitalPath™ Integrated Dispensing Solution addresses these needs.

MedSync is an innovative program that allows for the pharmacy to synchronize eligible medications from a patients’ profile to be filled on the same day each month. This allows for a convenient day to be selected and agreed upon by the patient and pharmacist that the patient will have an appointment to visit the pharmacy and pick up all of his/her refills. Patients will have the option to sync all of their eligible medications or just select ones, whichever is most convenient for them. The synchronization of the medications is a quick process that the pharmacist, intern, or technician can do in just a few minutes. After determining the day of the month the patient wants to make an appointment to pick up their medications, each individual prescription will have to be partial filled to sync to the particular date for the first month. Every month thereafter, they should be filled on the sync day without issue.

MedSync Program will help improve adherence, help patient lives and ultimately improve overall health among patients. This is a valuable program will allow patients to pick all their medications on a single visit. Through this service, patients will adhere to their medications by being more planned and is a convenient service for them. Patients will benefit by having less visits to the hospitals and overall wellbeing.

Women @ Fuse meet women at Fuse and learn about the key roles they play in the development of innovative healthcare solutions. Learn about the everyday activities these women are involved in and how there background, education, and work experience has led them to Fuse and put them into a position where they contribute everyday.

We will close our open house at Fuse with a remembrance of Susan Watson, Cardinal Health EIT Director who was an ardent supporter of CoolTechGirls. We look forward to seeing you at this event on Wednesday April 15th from 4 P.M. – 6 P.M. Fuse is located at 4305 W. Dublin Granville Rd., Dublin, OH 43017 in the in the Shoppes at River Ridge.

If you have any questions and to rsvp for the event, send an email to, put "CTG April Event at Fuse" in the Subject.

We look forward to seeing you on April 15th! Please forward this invite to other girls in grades 6 through 12 who love science and technology and may have an interest in being a part of this group.

*Note: There is no charge for this event but seats are limited. RSVP is required.