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Learn about Data Science from the experts

Build Predictive Analytic Models with RapidMiner

Instructor: Litia Sheldon

Event Overview:

Venue: Cardinal Solutions, 401 N Front St Suite 210, Columbus, OH 43215

Date: Saturday, November 17th

Session: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Target Audience: Graders 7 to 12

Participants need to bring their own laptops.

Data is in every part of our lives. When we search on the Internet, Post on Social media, Use Google Maps, Watch Streaming Media, Buy from Online Retailers, Listen to Music, Use Alexa or Google Home and the list goes on. Companies are using all this data about each of us to create programs that can predict what we might do next. These programs are called predictive models.

In this workshop we will spend 3 hours on learning about data and performing multiple hands on labs to design, run and interpret predictive models using a tool called RapidMiner. The tool is a GUI based configurable component family of tools which is a different type of programming. Predictive Models are for those who like to think and solve problems. The RapidMiner tool is a visual GUI based tool that we simply drag and drop our design as we think about it.

During the event, participants will learn:


Using and Understanding Data Contexts and Structures


Using and Understanding Data Model Algorithms


How to design predictive data models in RapidMiner


How to interpret outcomes of predictive data models

This event is free of charge but seating will be limited. Please CLICK HERE to register for the event.