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Collaborators: The City of Dublin, Cybervation, the DEC, Tempest Networking, Your Biz Tank, SBDC and TechColumbus, Social Boomerang, Outreach Promotional Solutions are already behind this effort.

Students: Explore your passion and learn about fields related to the ones you already love. Get connected to those already working in these sectors and find a mentor to help you reach for your dreams and your potential. Sign up for our updates and come to our next activity to find out if you are a CoolTechGirl. If you are in grades 4 – 8 please click here to learn more. High school girls can click here to find out about leadership and project opportunities.

Parents: We are here to help you, too. Beyond encouraging your daughter, we want to help you understand the need for women in STEM jobs, and help you help your daughter make informed decisions about where she wants to go in her career. Click here to find out more or Sign up now to get updates from us.

Volunteers: CoolTechGirls is a volunteer-run group. It takes passionate people with a desire to contribute to create change in the world. Come and help us change the future for these girls! From web promotion to newsletters or being a mentor, there is a place here for you to contribute in a meaningful way. Click here to learn more.