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CoolTechGirls has had a very eventful year with events in June, September, and November. Starting with their kickoff event on May 18 with 47 girls, CoolTechGirls brought in girls from all around Columbus, Ohio. In June, the organization held a SCRATCH Camp to teach girls how to use the basic program created at MIT. The program was created to introduce kids to programming. At the event, the girls learned how to create a simple game of ping pong with SCRATCH. Then in September, CoolTechGirls held a Social Media event for girls in grades 8-12 to teach girls the pros and cons of Social Media, as well as how Social Media can be used as an advantage and how it can be harmful. Lastly, CoolTechGirls finished off the year in November with a session in programming and building with the Lego Mindstorms NXT kit. The girls built “Sumo Robots” and competed against each other to see who could build the best robot. The session was a hit with an attendance of 53 girls! With such an amazing finish to 2013, 2014 is sure to bring much more. Starting early, the first CoolTechGirls event for 2014 is on January 10th for a STEMfest. Girls will work through the engineering process, explore simple machines, and be introduced to video game design. For this event, CoolTechGirls is partnering with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland and Dublin City Schools, and it is sure to be a huge success!