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Here are some of the great activities, camps, and resources available to your girls :



Career Exploration Sessions


Bi-Monthly Club meetings with women speakers


Skill development workshops on:




Computer related activities on:

-Computer hardware and software


-Graphics and Animation

-Game Design & Development


Engineering related activities on:

-Design Challenges

-Problem Solving

-Simple Machines




CoolTechGirls Summer Camp

Our summer camp is an exciting hands-on training for SCRATCH Programming Camp. Participants attend two 1 hour and 30 minute sessions over the course of 2 days.


SCRATCH Programming Camp

SCRATCH was developed at MIT and is widely used for introduction to programming because it is very easy to use and fun for kids. No prior programming knowledge is required. It is an excellent tool to create games and animation.



Women role models


Connections to job shadowing experiences and internships


Support system of girls and women

Visit “Events” to see pictures from these awesome activities!

Visit “Our Programs” to see what’s coming up soon!

Here are ways you can get involved with CoolTechGirls:

We are here to help you, too. Beyond encouraging your daughter, we want to help you understand the need for women in STEM jobs, and help you help your daughter make informed decisions about where she wants to go in her career. Sign up now to get updates from us.

Attend CoolTechGirls events!

Bring your girls to our events so they can gain insight into the science and technology world that is all around us. Whether they find their passion there or not, they will gain valuable skills that will carry them into a successful future.


CoolTechGirls is a nonprofit organization and volunteer driven, so there are many opportunities for you to contribute in a meaningful way. We are looking for volunteers to work our events, provide ideas for classes, plan the classes, lead events, write newsletters, and be mentors. Come and help us change the future for these girls! For a more opportunities view the “Volunteers” section of our website.

Reach out!

We are looking to engage with companies who may be interested in becoming a CoolTechGirls sponsor by donating either in the form of dollars or resources. If you think your company may be interested, please reach out!

Contact us at